Updated program, errata, program problems of "Birds of Bolivia 2.0"

by Sjoerd Mayer

Updated Program (current version: 2.21)

Click here to install an updated program which:
- fixes program bugs,
- no longer shows the erroneous sound recordings and photos (instead it shows them either with the correct species, or not at all),
- shows the voices of some additional species (e.g. Cryptic Forest-Falcon!),
- shows the "solutions" to many of the mystery recordings of version 2.0,
- can convert all recordings to mp3 files with all information embedded,
- can convert ALL (2572!) recordings to mp3s in one go! (with File/Make ALL mp3 files),
- runs equally on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.
Note 1: After installation, "Birds of Bolivia 2, updated version" does not know in which drive to look for the CD-ROM, and when you attempt to play a sound, it will ask you for the folder or drive where the sound and photo files are located.
Note 2: This updated program does not replace the original "Birds of Bolivia 2.0" program (the one on the CD-ROM). To remove the original program, see Help/Read Me.
Note 3: This updated program replaces versions 2.1 etc.

Errata of version 2.0

Program problems of version 2.0