Birds of Bolivia 2.22

Sjoerd Mayer

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This new version 2.22, published in 2010, contains the same sound recordings and photos as the original version 2.0. The differences are:
A - the taxonomy is updated (to SACC in May 2010),
B - the program is now able to convert nearly all recordings to MP3 files with complete information embedded,
C - most of the "mystery" recordings and photos were solved,
D - wrongly identified photos or sounds were either removed, or "moved" to the correct species,
E - program bugs were corrected.

If you have version 2.0, you can have the same program as on the new version by installing it from here.

What follows is the text of version 2.0:

It took four years, but the second version of our Bolivian Birds CD-ROM is out, to general acclaim (see the reviews) It contains 2530 sound recordings (over 19 hours, thanks to MP3 compression) of 941 bird species, all occurring in Bolivia, with accompanying texts and identifications of all background species. And the CD-ROM now has photographs: 1390 of 756 species (639 occurring in Bolivia and an additional 117 species from northern Peru and Ecuador).

This CD-ROM is of even more significance because so many South American birds can only be found or identified by their voices. Good examples are the Tinamous (18 species on the CD-ROM), Owls (25 species), Nightjars and Potoos (21 species), and those quintessential South American bird families: the Antbirds and Ground Antbirds (92 species). Many, if not most of the species on this CD-ROM are not found on commercially available cassette tapes or audio CDs. It has recordings of many rare and seldom (if ever) recorded species, like Huayco Tinamou, Horned Curassow, an unseen Screech-Owl which is either Cloud-forest Screech-Owl or an undescribed species, White-winged Nightjar, Bolivian Spinetail, Bolivian Recurvebill, Yungas Antwren, Masked Antpitta, two undescribed Flycatcher species, Rufous-sided Pygmy-Tyrant, Ash-breasted Tit-Tyrant, Buff-throated Tody-Tyrant, Sharpbill, Chestnut-crested Cotinga, Yellow-shouldered Grosbeak, Black-and-tawny Seedeater. And lots and lots more (see the species list).

Sjoerd recording birds near Riberalta in June 1995 (I already had difficulty walking then, and used a lightweight foldable chair)


Sjoerd Mayer spent the years 1991 - 1995 exploring the high mountains and steamy jungles of Bolivia, a country with an incredibly rich (1370 species so far, and counting!) and little-known bird fauna. He discovered a species new to science (Bolivian Spinetail), rediscovered two species after many years (Masked Antpitta and Ash-breasted Tit-Tyrant), and recorded more than a hundred hours of bird vocalizations. A computer programmer by profession, he designed and wrote all software used to produce this CD-ROM.

Nick Acheson, Alfredo J. Begazo, Mark van Beirs, Peter Boesman, Mette Bohn Christiansen, Guillermo Bodrati, Robin C. Brace, Jeroen de By, Rolf de By, Guy Cox, Susan Davis, Guillermo Egli, Jon Fjeldså , Rosendo Fraga, Tom Gullick, Henk Hendriks, A. Bennett Hennessey, Sebastian Herzog, Thor Hjarsen, Jon Hornbuckle, Lois Jammes, Niels Krabbe, Thomas Lakowitz, Aidan Maccormick, Ross MacLeod, Juan Mazar Barnett, Jeremy Minns, Nicholas Moray Williams, Poul Nygaard Andersen, Jan Ohlson and Mare Löhmus, Alan Perry, Heinz G. Remold, Omar Rocha O., Lawrence Rubey, Francisco Sagot, David Spelt, David Thorns, Jan Vermeulen, Adam White, Stefan Woltmann and John van der Woude contributed almost all photographs and most of the sound recordings to this project. Many thanks to everybody!

Versions 2.0 and 2.22 were published in 2000 resp. 2010 by Bird Songs International.

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