Birds of Ecuador

Sounds and photographs

Niels Krabbe and Jonas Nilsson

DVD-ROM for Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7



The most comprehensive birdsounds publication ever: contains 6015 recordings (69 hours!) of 1184 species, with every sound just a few keyclicks away!
Has recordings of all 17 Tinamous known from Ecuador, 25 Woodcreepers (out of a total for Ecuador of 28), 92 Antbirds (out of 94), 30 Ground Antbirds (out of 31), all 14 Tapaculos, 177 Flycatchers (out of 207), and much, much more.
Multiple windows can be opened, enabling quick comparison of similar sounds of different species.
Compose your own sound sequences with Playlists, which can be stored on and retrieved from your hard disk. A playlist's contents can be converted to a set of MP3 files (all recording data embedded!), which can then be copied to an MP3 player.
Also has 824 large photographs of 469 species.

Bilingual: the DVD-ROM can be installed in Spanish as well.

DVD-ROM published November 2003 by Bird Songs International, Netherlands.


Niels Krabbe and Jonas Nilsson. Niels holds a chick of Imperial Snipe!

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