Patch program, errata, and program bugs of "Birds of Ecuador"

Patch Program (current version: 1.24)

Click here to run a program which "patches" the installed program of "Birds of Ecuador" so that:
- the erroneous sound recordings and photos are either no longer visible, or are moved to the correct species, and
- the program bugs are fixed, and
- makes Wedge-tailed Grass-Finch Emberizoides herbicola with its recordings visible (it was invisible because the "occurs in Ecuador" database field was not yet set for this species new for the country), and
- makes increasing/decreasing the sound volume with the keyboard handier (see the help file), and
- the program can now make mp3 files from all recordings (except one: rec. #9 of Spot-crowned Antvireo Dysithamnus puncticeps). Do this with File/Make All MP3 Files, with the popup menu on the soundbars, or with "Extra/prepare for mp3 player" in the Playlists window. The mp3 files have all the recording information embedded (species, sound type, locality, etc)!

Errata in version 1.0

Other remarks:


Program Bugs in version 1.0



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