A few sounds from "Birds of Tropical Asia"

The following sounds are short cuts taken from longer recordings on Jelle Scharringa's CD-ROM Birds of Tropical Asia 2. All recordings by Jelle Scharringa (), unless stated otherwise. More information about the sound file formats is provided at the bottom of this page.

Sound file formats. Each sound is provided in three different file formats:
1. An MP3 file. Should be playable on any platform, provided the necessary software is installed.
2. A Windows .wav file with the MPEG layer 3 compression technique. You should be able to play this file if you have the latest version of Windows 98, or have the Windows New Media Player or Internet Explorer 5 installed. If you can't play the file, you may install Fraunhofer's decompressor (228 KB).
3. A Windows .wav file with a simple compression technique (Microsoft ADPCM). Playable on all Windows versions, provided the Audio Compression Codecs are installed (if not, open the Control Panel, start Add/Remove Programs.., go to Windows Setup.., go to Multimedia).

To information about the CD-ROM.


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