Birds of Tropical Asia 3

Sounds and Sights

Jelle Scharringa

DVD-ROM for Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7

Blue-winged Pitta Pitta moluccensis. F.G. Rozendaal.

Bird Songs International proudly presents "Birds of Tropical Asia 3", by Jelle Scharringa. This DVD-ROM for Windows contains 2090 sound recordings (20 hours!) of 911 species, 700 photographs of 483 species, all presented in an extremely user-friendly format. Any sound recording, any photo is seconds away, accessible by just a few keyclicks! Read the reviews of its predecessors!

Jelle Scharringa recording a Gurney's Pitta. Ban Thieo, Khao Phra Bang Khram,
Krabi Province, Thailand. End of April 1988. Photo by Linda Schrijver.


Contains sounds of 41 species of Pheasants, 32 Cuckoos, 25 Owls, 7 Frogmouths, 23 Barbets, 21 Pittas, 149 Babblers, 10 Parrotbills, 88 Warblers & Prinias, and many more!

Covers the area known as the Oriental Region, which consists of the Indian subcontinent, southeast Asia including southern China, the Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia except the easternmost islands.

Some of the features:
- Playlists. You can compose your own playlists, which can be stored on disk between sessions, and exchanged by e-mail (see the screenshots to get the idea).
- A playlist's contents can be converted to a set of MP3 files (all recording data embedded!), which can then be copied to an MP3 player.
- Area selection. You can select an area, where all presented species must occur (so for example, if you select The Philippines and Indonesia, only the species occurring in The Philippines and/or in Indonesia are shown).
- Photographs of birding localities. See one of the screenshots for an illustration.


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Published August 2005 by Bird Songs International.

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