Patch Program and Errata of "Birds of Tropical Asia 3"

Patch Program (current version: 3.15)

Click here to run a program which "patches" the installed program of "Birds of Tropical Asia 3" so that:
- the erroneous sound recordings are either no longer visible, or are moved to the correct species, and
- the program bugs (see below) are fixed, and
- the program can now make mp3 files from all recordings (except one: rec. #3 of Long-tailed Bush-Warbler Bradypterus caudatus). Do this with File/Make All MP3 Files, with the popup menu on the soundbars, or with "Extra/prepare for mp3 player" in the Playlists window. The mp3 files have all the recording information embedded (species, sound type, locality, etc)!

Errata in version 3.0

Program Bugs in earlier version(s) 3.x


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